Perolas is an electro-acoustic project, featuring the unique combination of Liana Perillo on Harp & Vocals, Fabian Aravalès on Guitars, Trumpet, Synthesiser and the live and electronic drums of Louis Spencely. Perolas is amongst the very few in Melbourne, Australia, to bring the harp into the contemporary acoustic-electric realm by coupling this ancient instrument with analogue effects and eclectic instrumentation.

From up-tempo beats to ethereal soundscapes, and an intercultural flavour, Përolas bring a unique and intriguing energy and essence through their original compositions and musical arrangements, recently earning the award for

‘Best intercultural Act’ for the 2019 Music Victoria Awards.

Photo by Hyperdex


In portugese, pérolas means pearls.

If an oyster is injured it begins it’s healing process, and a pearl is created from what once was adversity. This is how Perolas love to see and portray life through their music; that you can create something beautiful out of all experiences...