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Perolas brings the harp into the contemporary realm, coupling this sonorous instrument with analogue effects and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Perolas’ recent debut album entitled 'Harpedelique,' blends modal jazz, psychedelic soul, beats, soundscapes & Latin exotica. In 2022, their new works and evolved sound featured on ABC's 'Spicks & Specks' Series 10 Episode 9, and the latest digital season of ‘Live from Melbourne Recital Centre.’ A cultural fusion interweaved into their original compositions and musical arrangements, the band earned the award for ‘Best Intercultural Act’ at the 2019 Music Victoria Awards. 

Liana Perillo and Fabian Aravalés’ multi-instrumentalist talents, combined with Louis Spencely’s inventive percussion, together forms an all-encompassing sensory musical experience. 

In portugese, pérolas means pearls.

If an oyster is injured it begins it’s healing process, and a pearl is created from what once was adversity. This is how Perolas love to see and portray life through their music; that you can create something beautiful out of all experiences...

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