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Teardrop by Massive Attack
Cover performed LIVE 2017 by the “Pérolas”
at Nick Herrera Productions Studio.

Liana Pearl (Vocals/Harp)
Fabian Aravales (Electronica)
Jag Garuda (Tabla/Beatboxing)

Video shot by Bianca Perillo and Manuel Cancino

Filmed in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Liana Pearl – Vocals, Harp
Fabian Aravalez – Guitar
Jag Garuda – Tabla, Trumpet

Samantha Bruzzese – Dancer

Pérolas’ is an eclectic trio comprising a rare combination of instruments with influences from many cultures to empower and transcend those who experience their potent sounds. With Liana Pearl on Harp & Vocals, Jag Singh on Indian Tabla & Trumpet and Fabian Aravales on guitar and electronic soundscapes, a captivating ambient & world music sound is born.

‘Rainbow’ was composed by Liana in her travels to Byron Bay Mid-2016. Where she encountered a french sound engineer named Ariel (name meaning Lion of God), who described the connection between the artist and lister to be like a ‘Rainbow,’ where a message through song can resonate with someone in the present and many years into the future. This music video features the beautiful dancer Samantha Bruzzese, embodying a dream-like goddess in the film and sharing her rainbow in the dance art form to further capture the composer’s vision. Filmed by Manuel Cancino, a videographer from Chile, with an eye and ear for capturing beauty in stillness, movement and sound.